Commonwealth Games in 2026 volunteer Applications

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Commonwealth Games in 2026 volunteer Applications taking place from From 17 March to 29 March 2026. Commonwealth Collective’ Volunteer Selection Centre to recruit 13,000 volunteers apply and find out more visit www.State of

Commonwealth Games in 2026 volunteer State of Victoria

  • 1 June 2025 – Applications open
  • 17 August 2025 – Applications close
  • September to December 2025 – Interviews at Volunteer selection center
  • January 2022 – Roles offered
  • April 2022 – Training delivered
  • June 2022 – Uniforms delivered
  • June to July 2022 – Accreditation collected
  • July 2022 – Games and shifts start

Paul Blanchard, Commonwealth Games England CEO said: “It’s so exciting that the selection process has started today and the ‘Commonwealth Collective’ will be formed. A Games is only made possible by the fantastic volunteers and for athletes they play a crucial role in ensuring they’re supported through competition and have an incredible Games experience.”

Commonwealth Games in 2022 volunteer Applications

More than 13,000 volunteers will support the distribution of the State of Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games, scheduled from From 17 to 29 March 2026.

There will be opportunities at places in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Voluntary roles will be many and diverse. Most roles will not require any previous experience.

State of Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games is ‘Sport for All’. We are looking for volunteers from every community in the West Midlands to represent their diverse region on the global stage.


  1. Hello, I am registered for my role specific training on Thursday 23rd June in Birmingham. However, as i will be travelling from Sheffield I will be unable to attend due to the rail disruption.
    I don’t seem to be able to cancel my training or rebook for an alternative session. Can you please help.
    Many thanks,
    Liz Parkin

  2. I am wondering if you would like me to assist and put smiles on dials for our wonderful players. Mike Mchutchison town crier and world crier for Australia. I was the volunteer at the last games at the Gold Coast Queensland . I could go to England if you like.


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